Mandeep Kaur – Light of Heart and Mind

Melanie Paulk Abderrahman

Mandeep began her journey as a professional Teacher in 2000.  She was led to practice Yoga due to a chronic, painful low back compression combined with an intense early onset of Menopause. After just one yoga class she was amazed at how much better she felt, balanced and stronger and instantly knew this was her direct path of Healing.

Her Dharmic path as a teacher has been remarkable and vastly rewarding in many aspects and layers of being a Human, Woman, Wife, Mother, Sister and Daughter.  Her Soul’s purpose in this life has been clearly shown to her and her teaching’s convey this life lesson of “Awakening to your Soul”.

Her classes are fun, elevating, intelligent with a modern projection of these ancient timeless teachings of the Mystical Yogic Arts.  She specializes in the Yogic Science of Super Health – Yogic Science for Addictive Behavior.  Through her many, many years of teaching in the Juvenile Justice System she has now incorporated into her Community Classes these successful and powerfully healing yoga and meditation techniques for recovery – providing hope and genuine Body, Mind Spirit support to AA and NA, as well as the Group Recovery Homes in Southern Utah with these offerings.

She has earned 1000 hours plus of Yoga, Meditation, and Sound Healing certifications and is registered with the International Kundalini Teacher’s Association,  Yoga Alliance as well as the International Yoga Therapists Association.  She offers Teacher’s Trainings and Continuing Education Workshops that are recognized by Kundalini Research Institute and Yoga Alliance.  She co-teaches Level One, Level Two Kundalini Professional Trainings with her Lead Teacher and Mentor – Mehtab Benton from Austin, Texas.

mellotus14_webMandeep is married to husband Omar – hence the OM of their ranch. She is lovingly known as “Mata Ji” the Mother of all and indeed she has a Heart and Mind that is genuinely Open to All.  She is an advocate of animal rescue, loves to cook, and host Community events at their Center.

She offers private therapeutic sessions utilizing Yogic counseling that can include:  Numerology with a prescribed 40 day meditation, Kundalini Yoga & Meditation and Therapeutic Yoga.  Her Private Sound Healing Sessions are absolutely wonderful!

Mandeep is also a Sound Healer.  She uses the Himalayan 7 Sacred Metals Healing Bowls, Crystal Chimes and Bells and has multiple Gongs that cleanse, balance and restore the energetic qualities and flow within and without the body, deeply relaxes the mind and creates a deep connection to the Soul and Source.   The benefits from these sessions are immediate and long lasting!

She can be reached directly at: mandeep@sagehills108.com or 435 867 YOGA (9642).

Thank you and Sat Nam