SageHillsDowsing_Broch_01292012a_web-01What you can anticipate from your “Space Clearing”:

Sat Nam. The technique I will be using today is based on the principals of Feng Shui, particularly used by Marie Diamond and Denise Lynn. I have discovered this “gift” I have to bring a space to life a few years ago.

I will use Brass Dowsing Rods which will be used to pin point specific areas to be cleared with the Copper Rod and Copper Energy Ring Placement.

The copper rods are color coded:
• Blue – Geopathic Stress Lines
• Yellow – Interference Lines (typically man made – radio, microwave, internet waves)
• Ruby – Personal Zones
• Green – Negative Hartman and Curry Lines
• Violet – Negative Vortex spirals

Once it has been determined what your unique Energy is relaying in relationship to your Environment and Space, we will place the rods together and if necessary the Energy Ring/s to Clear and Neutralize everything that has been in Dis harmony.

We will then use the Himalayan Healing Bowl to infuse the clear energy with vibrant healing sound as well as bring in the Pure Energy of Love with the Mantra – Guru Guru Wahe Guru Guru Ram Das Guru.

The results are a Neutral, Clear, Very Creative and Harmonic Space that sparkles and relaxes you!

Recommended for Homes, Offices, Studios. Any place where you spend a lot of time and recognize the importance of the space supporting your needs. The results, and how you can literally feel the energy shifting as we move through and clear is fascinating and exciting! It takes about 48 hours for the “dust to settle” and your fabulous clear space is grounded and amplified with your energy – creating a whole new relationship for you to explore and build.

The cost for my time to clear a space is $90
Each rod placed is $5 and the Energy Rings are $75
Plan on at least 60 minutes if it’s a small space of less than 500 sqft. Typically these sessions take about 3 hours max.

I look forward to being of service in creating a healthy, holy environment with you to support:

With Love – Mandeep

Space Clearing Session at $90: Contact Mandeep to set up your appointment today!