Moon Gatherings

Since the dawn of time, humans have looked to the heavens, particularly the clearly visible bodies of the Moon, Sun and closest Stars.  Mandeep is in alignment with the exclusive programming for the Self-Elevation Station to offer special gatherings centered around the Full Moon, New Moon and the 11th Day of the Moon.  Through the Yogic Applied Science and Technology of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation as well as the Mystical Arts, Mandeep offers group conscious experiences for anyone and everyone.  No previous experience is necessary to Just Be You.  The Heart Centered Sacred Space beckons and calls….

Sage Hills Full-Moon-PyramidThe Full Moon is an opportunity to shine the light on completions, creative outpourings and Harvesting.  It is a Cosmic Spotlight.  Everything comes out into the open in the light of the full Moon, including your “Shadow” of your human nature.  Letting go, creating a lasting change within the Altered State of the Full Moon energy are readily available in the Light of the Full Moon. Harvest and Make space for New….

NewMoonThe New Moon marks beginnings, and is absolutely a perfect time to “Start!  and the Pressure will be Off.” Laying groundwork for what you are wishing to manifest in the upcoming 6 months or even in the next 11 days and further until the next Full Moon!  Setting intentions and Fresh Starts are always favored and supported by the New Moon.  Plant your intentions and and take action to change a Pattern that no longer serves your Divine Blueprint!

11thDayofNewMoon_webThe 11th Day of the New Moon holds a unique vibration that affects the human glandular system very specifically, very positively.  Historically, in Ancient Spiritual texts and writings, this Time Code Portal is mentioned over and over again.  Sage Hills Self Elevation Station will be offering exclusive gatherings on the 11th Day of the New Moon – sometimes for Graceful Women, as Woman are Lunar Creatures and the Alignment energetically on this day can serve as a powerful uplifting experience for Women of all ages and creeds.  Other times this gathering will be offered to everyone.  We’ve been hypnotized by our culture and our past. During the 11th day of the New Moon, we can easily access an altered state of consciousness where we can create lasting change.

What people want and need is an immediate Self Exalted Experience where they become aware of “How To” create an ExtraOrdinary Life, a Magnificent Life, which is Life on your own terms.

Sage Hills will also be offering exclusive events on Solstices, Equinoxes and Eclipses.  We are a Self Elevation Station and a Global Destination True North Haven for our Global Human Family.  All are Welcome!  Our Mind can take over if the Heart is not Open and Beaming.

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