We would love to introduce our latest product from memon® Bionic Instruments: Memonizer Body has arrived. The first quarter of this year, this product has become a hit all over in Europe and the highest sale is in France, Austria, and Holland. The US market is picking up a faster pace as well as Canada, more and more people are getting to know this little body harmonizer and the word are spreading fast.
Memon® Bionic Instruments is working harder to fulfill the worldwide demand and we just received news that the large size is running behind and they are in production as we speak. Therefore, the large size may be a little bit longer in transit time. We have enough units to supply, however, the large is running low and it will be out sometime soon.
Memon® bionic Instruments is in the process to get its ISO Certificate from TUV Austria. As we know this process takes time for many reasons, multiple testing, study the entire production system, and more. But we have confident that memon® Bionic Instruments will get it, it is just a matter of time.


On behalf of memon® Bionic Instruments, Germany, we would like to congratulate those of you who have been using this amazing technology and supports. For those of you who are not sure or about to own one of our technology, we encourage you to visit our site : and to learn more about the technology, watch the video (media page). As always, if you have questions, we are here to help.


As part of our appreciation to your business, we would like to include a special gift to any order larger than $500 as well as the custom order on our memonizer Combi and Water.


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Background technology and the purpose of memon® Bionic Instruments Technology.
This technology was invented in the 70’s by an engineer whose name is Winfried Dochow. He believes that by changing the environment to the better “like in nature” (standard light spectrum), every organism will get the effects of its changing. The standard light spectrum is where it is found in nature (untouched nature). The question is, how can we bring this nature in the urban live and keep it there for a long time. Therefore, this memon® Bionic Instruments were created, patent it, and market all over the world.
Having said that memon® is changing the environment to the “nature-like” environment, attracts many attentions from the natural healers, yoga practitioners, doctors and high tech industries and individuals. Natural healers found that this technology is perfect for them to direct it to their patients where according to their own findings, memon® can help to heal the problems to their patients. When we think about nature, we always think about a healthy living and fresh without any effects of EMF/EMR around us. This is totally making sense to the degree where every organism should be able to flourish naturally without having any struggle to grow. However, memon® Bionic Instruments and its inventor never make any promises, claims or imply anything related to the health issue where memon® technology can heal the sick/symptom.


Whatever the decision or any statements made and heard out there ARE NOT from memon® Bionic instruments nor Total Harmony With Nature. Whoever the person/doctors, or practitioners who made this promise and statement, will become their own responsibilities and it has nothing to do with memon® Bionic Instruments and Total Harmony With Nature.
This statement will remain the same for as long as the technology is in place until it is changed by the owner of this technology.


Have a blessed day.
Boen Que
Healthy Living
EMF/EMR Technology


Total Harmony With Nature, USA


Restore Natural Conditions in your environment, no matter where you are or where you live!

The OM Ranch has a custom 4part Combi unit that creates a Unified Field over the entire property. This unified Field enhances the healing, restorative properties that are already here due to several components: Magnetite Fin, Crystal Grid, Mantras played 24/7, Yoga and Meditation Methods practiced daily. Any harmful waves created by the wireless internet, radio waves, microwaves and airborne pollution are neutralized within our Sacred Space.

We also have Memon transformers on both of our vehicles and get better gas mileage, tire wear, and when we travel long distances we don’t get that “driving fatigue” that occurs from the road/highway pollution. Last, we have the neutralizer chips on our cell phones. We both have to be on our phones a lot due to our business and busy lives.

With the neutralizing technology in place we are secure and confident that our health is not impaired by the harmful radiation from the cell phones. We love all the technology that is available to us these days but recognize it’s important to take precautions and safeguards for ourselves.


All the transformers work on the same basic principles, the details of which are explained briefly below..
Our lives are shaped by polarity and resonance. The memon® environmental technology is based on these fundamental principles.

The Integrated memon® technology does the following:
A. Restores the natural status of the vibration of the environment to the range of the visible light spectrum. All life has been created and developed within the visible light spectrum, known as the rainbow spectrum, that part of the sunlight that get through the filter formed by the atmosphere around the earth.These energies and polarities found within this bandwidth, support the functioning of all organic systems, as its natural effect corresponds to that of sunlight. The memon® devices will restore the environmental vibrations to their natural state. It is all about environment. When you take a fish out of the water for example, you take it out of its natural environment, with negative consequences for the fish.. We are increasingly surrounded by unnatural frequencieswhich in effect compromise our immune system. By the same token, being surrounded by simply what exists in the natural world, the more there can exist for the human being a condition of health.. States of disease occur when we are exposed to unnatural conditions. The visible light spectrum has a mainly left turning, negative charge polarity that is degenerative to life and to the right of it, the light has a mainly right turning or positive polarity and is regenerative to life.Ying and yang. In nature, you find more right turning or positive polarisation than left.

Manmade frequencies have frequencies that fall outside of this bandwidth and have a mostly left turning polarity. memon® technology transforms these frequencies back to those found in thenatural world, not to just one frequency within this spectrum, but to the whole range of right turning frequency. This is the frequency where we create new cells andwhere we feel the most vital. When applying the memon® technology to your homes, and to the water and electrical deviceswe use, you will restore the environment back to the energy of the visible light spectrum and the polarity will be primarily right turning, and, as such, beneficial for our inherent life force

memon_water-crystal-3B. Pathogenic information emerge when mankind began to create artificial materials and unnatural waves coming from for example, chemicals, electricity, mobile phones etc .They all contain pathogenic (disease causing) information, not supportive of life on earth. Measurements show that the cell tensions increase and the energy of the body becomes weaker, when exposed to unnatural or manmade frequencies. The scientist, Winfried Dochow, traced all possible harmful frequencies and found a way to store counter waves in an information layer which are selectively activated if a harmful vibration occurs in your environment. The memon® Your Harmony devices contain thousands of pathogenic counter waves, producing a “counter” information, a beneficial energy enhancing condition to life. By way of this process, through a holistic approach, bodyenergies are balanced. The problem is thereby tackled at its source.The memon® transformers can completely delete the damaging information produced onwaves from all vibrational fields (static, electromagnetic, electric or pulsed, as well as thosefound in water) by applying the principle of destructive interference. This means that the body can recover unimpeded, and a sense of general well-being is improved . Health is estabilised on a long-term basis. memon® gives you new quality of life and more vitality!

Why is the memon® technology so unique?
The inventor, Winfried Dochow, states that all life on earth depends on vibration, resonance and polarity. This basic principle can be applied when neutralizing chemicals in the water, or restoring the natural flow of negative ions in the air, or neutralizing EMF waves from electricity and all wireless applications. It is about restoring the natural frequencies. The solution of the technology is not like any other solution on the market. Most other solutions, albeit not all, use techniques which energize or shield by way of filtering: but we see no direct neutralization or eliminization of the harmful frequencies.
Let’s compare other solutions on the market used as protective devices against EMF frequencies. At the start, when speaking of cell and wireless phones, we can eliminate any shielding devices which may be offered as protection since by shielding harmful frequencies the devices would no longer have any reception and therefore would not be able to operate.

1. Hormone measurement by Prof. Borelli, specialized on cell biology
2. Crystal photography by Dr. Masure Emoto
3. Water maturation method on water by Bernd Bruns
4. Dark field blood analysis, study on living blood and influence of cell phone on blood, with and without memon®
5. Dark field blood analysis, study on living blood and influence of hybrid vehicle on blood, with and without memon®
6. Air particle measurement
7. Computer driven diagnostic with IMEDIS system
8. Biofeedback measurement using SCIO system by Prof. William Nelson
9. Acupuncture measurement
10. Copper chloride crystallization measurement
11. Pool water analysis by the Institute of Energetic Analyses
12. Study on behavior with animals by MS Willy Baumann
13. Study by the ministry of agriculture Austria: Klosterneuburg Report
14. Physical-Medical resonance Measurement (PMR system) with extensive comparison with other solutions on the market
15. Study by the German Union of Energy, Hannover Germany, study on the impact of EMF while driving a vehicle, with and without the use of memon®
16. Water test by
17. Lime crystals, with and without the use of memon®
18. Hagalis Crystallization measurement.
Dr Masaru Emoto proves the existence of an invisible world.
The process of crystal photography developed by Masaru Emoto allows us to prove the formation of water crystals and therefore the high quality of memon®-harmonised water.
The test Crystals in Munich tap water were photographed by Masaru Emoto before and after harmonising with memon®. The shape of the frozen crystals allows conclusions to be drawn about the quality of the water. This is based on the capability of water to store water, information, music, words, feelings and consciousness, which has been researched by Emoto over many years. The water crystals demonstrate different shapes as a function of the status and quality of the water. Water in cities generally has a matt, irregular structure. Water crystals from living sources, e.g. spring water, often demonstrate a wide variety of formations, from simple squares and hexagons to delicate, shimmering crystals or hexagons -tortoiseshell- which indicate stability and vitality. The result: Munich tap water BEFORE harmonising with memon® Munich tap water AFTER harmonising with memon® The crystal image of the memon®-harmonised tap water demonstrates a “tortoise-shell shape”.
Masaru Emoto commented as follows:” …after we had taken several shots, we could confirm that water crystals with good immunity always have a solid tortoise shape …”
-Extract from the book The Message of Water, Vol, 1 by Masaru Emoto-
“… To date, we have the most crystal photographs of water where vibrations which strengthen the immune system have been transferred and – as you can see – we can say with certainty that the water with more immunity displays a tortoise-shell pattern. This is because we have also been able to establish the same basic tortoise-shell pattern in good water, samples sent in to us by others. The saying that “the crane lives to one hundred years old, the tortoise to ten thousand,” is confirmed here for me without any doubt …”

-Extract from the book Water crystals by Masaru Emoto-

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