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Join Las Vegas Super Star Zumba Instructors: Latin Dancer “Jakie” Jaquelyn Andrea Kurz and the Famous “Dr. Ted” Teddy Sim as they set the stage on fire, for one night only in Cedar City, UT!!! Local Zumba Instructors Shilee Dandurand, Raelee Sills, Lindsay Luke, Sela Langi, Amanda Chappell, and Stephanie Barker will be joining them to raise our spirits and let our energy soar with the International Moves of Zumba Fitness and the Funky Flavor of Special Guest Star Laci Wall of the LDUB CLUB! This is a Rainbow theme party, pick your favorite color or wear them all! Prize goes to the crowds’ favorite costume of the night, so be original and just be you! This party will be fun for all ages, bring your family, bring your friends, or come and meet some fun new people!

There will be raffles and treats available to help us raise money for the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Scholarship Fund. All proceeds from the event will benefit the cause.

All ages and abilities welcome. Tickets can be purchased at the door or online. This is one event you won’t want to miss!

You can donate any amount by credit card or PayPal account, to the Kimber Hunter scholarship, which goes directly to our Teacher Training program, by clicking the button below; or purchase tickets for any listed price at the bottom. We try to make this as effortless as possible for you.






Stressed during his third year of finals in chiropractic school, Dr. Teddy Sim needed a break and discovered something that took all of his stress away for that one hour. He walked into his first Zumba class and was immediately consumed by the music, smiling faces and energy. “I will never forget the first time my Zumba Instructor called my name out in class; I almost died of excitement,” Teddy recalled. “I was so pumped that my instructor knew my name!” The doctor was so hooked, that after graduating school, he became a licensed Zumba instructor, even though he worked full time at a clinic. He still found time to teach 13 classes a week! But he didn’t just love the workout. He was inspired by the platform Zumba provided to change lives, educate and raise awareness through Zumbathon Charity Events. He began hosting Zumbathon charity events to raise funds for various organizations, citing his greatest accomplishment for the LymeLight foundation. “My partner Dean Curry passed away from Lyme disease in May 2013. He was my world and my partner, always in the front row, taking pictures and cheering me on.” Dean’s passing was hard for the doctor. He didn’t teach or see patients for 3 months, until one day he was listening to his Zumba playlist and the song “El Amor” brought him to tears. “It made me think of Dean and how much he enjoyed this song. All I could see was his smile and, at that moment, I realized Zumba was always there to help heal my wounded heart.”

Ted remembered why he wanted to be a Zumba instructor in the first place: to help others through the love of dance and music. So he began teaching classes again. “The love, hugs, smiling faces and wonderful positive energy from my students helped heal me. The Zumba movement has literally motivated every particle of my body and career-wise, done wonders for my chiropractic business.” Ted has received accolades from local government figures, the University of Nevada and was also voted as one of My Vegas Magazine’s “TOP DOCTORS”, gracing the front cover of the magazine. He was also listed as “Top 100 Most Successful Men of Las Vegas,” by My Vegas Magazine.




Latin dancer for more than 12 years. Choreographer and live events hostess! This is a awesome way to forget about your problems and the best part….workout! LET’S ZUMBA!!! The unique way you can forget what stress is about!! Join the magic of FITNESS!



My name is Laci Wall aka “LDUB”. I have lived in beautiful sunny St. George since 2004 and was licensed to be a ZUMBA instructor since 2010. My entire life I have had a passion for music and dance. As a ZUMBA instructor, it has been a wonderful opportunity to share my individual style and Hip-Hop flavor! While teaching ZUMBA , my class has evolved into my own unique style and into what I now call LDUB CLUB Dance Fitness. Teaching my class helps me live out my dream of dancing, and empowers me to inspire others with a passion for dance and fitness. Dancing doesn’t even have to be your thing! All you have to do is move the the music! You just do your version of what I’m doing. With muscle specific routines and fun catchy dance songs, my goal is to promote a positive, energetic, comfortable environment for ANYONE! My class will allow you to progress at your own level and speed. Once you get there you won’t want it to end! So come get down, get fit and dance yourself into shape! Come experience some LDUB CLUB DANCE FITNESS FUN!!



Hate “working” out? Me too!!! Zumba Fitness is the only workout I have found and fell in LOVE with! It’s so much FUN, I forget how hard I am “working” during the 60 minute class! The results will speak for themselves: I feel great, have more energy, a stronger core, more muscle tone, improved flexibility, more confidence, and I am way more positive! Yes, Zumba Fitness makes me HAPPY!!! I took my first class in December 2010 and still look forward to every class! Even when I am not teaching I have a blast at classes and events around town and in Las Vegas. When I travel on vacation I can be found popping into classes too! I have finally found a workout that has become a permanent activity in my life and I am so very thankful for that! My style follows Zumba Fitness Format: is easy to follow, high energy, a bit silly and a lot of sass! My goal is to make you smile, sweat, and have you leaving the class feeling happier than when you arrived!
In 2005 I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease after being very sick for a long time. I was also suffering from a type of reactive arthritis throughout my body which primarily settled in my ankles. For years I tried different types of exercise at home, gyms, and with my friends… but I was so weak and everything just felt exhausting. Since it was so hard for me, I didn’t feel motivated; it was not fun… Then in 2010 my friend Jen invited me to my first Zumba Fitness class! Instantly I fell in love with it, I have always loved to listen to music and dance! For a long time I had to take breaks in between songs, I just couldn’t breathe and my heart would race. Then the music would suck me back in from my break, just when I thought I couldn’t do another song I was able to continue. Eventually I was able to get stronger and keep up with a steady pace. On days when I was tired and hurting I could stay at a low intensity and feel good doing what I could. On the days I felt better I began to push myself little by little and I watched my stamina grow. In 2013 I was strong enough to teach Zumba Fitness classes and even ran my first half marathon “without stopping” to benefit my disease!!! I look forward to the “me” time that Zumba gives me to just free myself from the stress of everday life. It is my time to let go and just be. I never thought I would find a workout where people smile, laugh, and cheer while sweating a TON! Yes, Zumba Fitness is my kind of FUN!
I never thought I would be physically well enough to have a baby. Through teaching Zumba Fitness classes I learned to believe what my body was physically capable of. Time and time again I saw I was much stronger and more capable than the doctors ever said I would be. So after years of taking very good care of myself by eating unprocessed foods, getting lots of sleep, removing stress from my life, practicing Kundalini Yoga meditation, and teaching Zumba Fitness classes… I decided to try to have a baby. We were told it wouldn’t be possible with the test results I had. But with the help of IVF we were able to get pregnant, stay pregnant, and deliver two healthy baby girls! I took time away from teaching Zumba for 2 years to focus my energy on this process. Zumba was a huge part of my life and passion that I missed dearly! 
We all have busy schedules… but at some point our health has to be important enough to become a priority in our lives, before we lose it. It’s never too late to get started! Whatever you do… just DO something! Start small, try different things, find something that works for YOU! If needed involve friends, family, and/or co-workers, to join you in the goal of being healthly. Having support and encouragement can really help keep you on track! For me becoming an instructor has helped to keep me focused on being healthy, staying consistent, and taking good care of myself. 
Come join me and you’ll see what I mean! You don’t have to know how to dance. Just feel the music to get your body moving and just let go! There is no “right” way to Zumba, everyone has their own style and physical ability! Do what works for you and your body. I’ll be there to help lead the way… I LOVE beginners!!! My focus is to make it easier for YOU!!! All of the routines start very basic and build on layers of movements throughout the song. By the end of the song I am showing the highest level of intensity for those whom are ready for it, that way everyone is able to choose the workout level that is right for their fitness level. It’s EASY and soooo much FUN! I look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your goals! What are you waiting for!!! See you soon!!!!



Lindsay Luke has been a resident of St. George for 4 years. She grew up in Midway, Utah where she grew to dislike the snow, which led her to southern Utah! Lindsay is married to her best friend, Trenton Luke. They are the proud parents of one son, Briggs Trevor Luke. Lindsay is a very active and outgoing person. She loves to be outside any chance she gets, whether it’s running, hiking or being near the water. She is certified in Zumba Fitness, UJAM Fitness and is a Fascia Release instructor. Her goal is to create a positive and fun atmosphere for her students so they feel confident and loved in her classes. She says “Life is better when you are moving. Moving in the right direction to find your inner joy!”



I found my love for Zumba back in August of 2014 when I walked into my first class. By March of 2015 I was licensed and started teaching in April of the same year in Preston, ID. By April of the following year I licensed to teach Aqua Zumba and look forward to learning more formats as the years go by. My family recently moved back to Cedar City after being away for 5 years and I look forward to finding my place again in the Zumba community. Through Zumba I have been able to inspire others and find joy in something for myself in addition to being a stay at home mom.



Growing up in my culture I grew to love the way we express ourselves through dance. Dancing is a big part of our culture and one day I found Zumba. I love the way Zumba incorporated dances from different cultures from around the world. I grew to love how Zumba made me feel. Every time I attended a Zumba class it made me enjoy working out and I wanted to share that with others.



Raelee has always had a passion for music and dancing, she has been teaching Zumba since 2011 and loves it! She currently teaches for Summit Athletic Club in St.George. She also has a passion for beauty and hair and is a cosmetologist in St.George also. Her number one love and priority is her husband and her 5 children, they mean the world to her and she loves when they are all together!



Stephanie Barker is a fun and energetic Zumba instructor! She is the lucky wife of Preston Barker and mother of two sweet girls. She loves to dance and have a good time while working out, which makes being a Zumba instructor her dream job! She recently graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Family Life and Human Development at SUU and is licensed in Basic Zumba as well as Zumba Strong


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