6232 West Sage Hills Drive, Cedar City, UT 84721
(435) 867YOGA (9642)

Directions to our beautiful Healing Center

• From I-15 NorthBound take Exit 59 – go right – West- away from town on Hwy 56.

• After approximately 5 miles turn right at Iron Springs Road. Look for the “Animal Shelter” sign.

• Approximately 4 miles on your right is Sage Hills Drive – our sign is there – turn right. This is a dirt road. Follow road until it splits 3 ways – stay hard right – our directional signs are there to guide you to the OM Ranch, which is where the Healing Center is. You will be driving along in front of a big white house with horses. This is my neighbor. The road goes up a tiny hill and drops down: take this carefully. There may be other cars going the other way, or deer crossing. The road curves sharply left after the hill, then right again up a more gradual incline. You will enter through the large goal post entrance with the OM hanging from the center. Park where you see the parking signs.

The Healing Center is the large 2 story building – enter where the prayer flags are hanging, at the west entrance.

From I-15 SouthBound take Exit 59 – go left – West – away from town on Hwy 56. Follow same directions as above.

We are on Mountain Standard Time.


Peace be with you, Sat Nam,

Omar and Melanie


535 S Main St #12, Cedar City, UT 84720
(435) 267-0133

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